Eliminate Cellphone Distraction in your Fleet.

The NOCELL Solution is the industry-leading distracted driving management platform.

NOCELL gives fleet managers the ability to choose which apps their drivers have access to while the vehicle is in motion. Therefore, allowing you to effectively enforce and monitor your company's cellphone policy.

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The NOCELL Solution:

Fully Compatible with both Android and iOS


The NOCELL app goes on the driver's device. When the vehicle is in motion, your cellphone policy is enforced. 


The NOCELLtag is a self-contained piece of hardware that does not interfere with existing in-cab technology. 

NOCELL Portal:

The NOCELL Portal is the intuitive back-end system where the fleet manager creates their custom policy. 

Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable to your Specific Company Policy
  • Phone Handling Alerts sent to Fleet Manager
  • Multiple Device Detection in the Vehicle
  • Driver Tampering Alerts
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Commercial-Grade Design Built to Scale with your Fleet

"With NOCELL® we’re reducing risk, liability, and loss, and maximizing productivity because it helps drivers stay focused on doing their jobs,”

- Cole Stevens, Vice President of Sales at Steven's Trucking

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